Eurogroep is an international industrial corporation devoted to the development, production, and sales of high-tech industrial equipment. The group’s four subsidiaries strengthen each other with their unique technical knowledge and developed equipment. A combination that results in high-tech equipment with the best handling and vision techniques available for your process.

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About Eurobrain

Eurobrain, member of Eurogroep, specializes in automation software for warehouse management and provides customers with software based solutions for logistic challenges. Eurobrain was founded to design and develop a complete controlled environment for the Lowpad, an innovative AGV product which is developed by Eurotec. Behind Eurobrain, a team of dedicated professionals combine IT and logistic skills. This combination leads to the successful implementation of AGV systems (Automated Guided Vehicle) in various warehouse, e-commerce and distribution centers.

Moving fast and accurately from A to B at the lowest costs. That is what matters in logistics. Eurobrain contributes and provides a reliable software system for fleet management and detailed insight into all relevant information about your logistic processes. Connection with relevevant neighboring systems such as WMS or ERP systems can be provided.